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CASS Members

The link to a GoA Directory is

When you search a person from the GoA in the Directory, in addition to the contact info, the exact title for the person is shown, which is valuable when making introductions, writing formal letters, etc.

In addition, at the bottom of each contact is a link to the Organizational Unit for that person.

If you enter the Deputy Minister’s name and then click on the Organizational Unit link at the bottom of his contact, you will see each of the Divisions, headed by an ADM.

Drilling down you can then get the hierarchy for each Divisions – Sectors and then Program Units.

By inserting any of the ADM’s into the contact search, and then clicking on the Organizational Unit, you can see the Sectors that belong to the Division. You will then be able to see the Executive Director and Directors for each sector, and also the units that are under each sector, so you can see the Directors, and if applicable, the Education Managers, Team Leads, Managers, Consultants, etc.

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